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Welcome to TABC Classroom Edition

At TABC Classroom Edition, we offer a vast collection of online educational lectures on writing from popular authors and industry professionals. Our curated video content is loaded with exceptional writing advice and professional lesson plans tailored to the national common core.  


More than 100 classes to choose from!

Start your journey as a writer today.

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Connect the Dots

Plotting/Story Structure

  • Messy Mapping

  • Story Structure-Finishing the Race

  • How to Lose a Reader in 10 Lines

  • Love at First Read: Writing an Effective Opening Page

  • Love at First Read: Writing an Effective Opening Page

  • Plot Like a Villain

  • Jumpstart to Story Structure & Plotting

  • So You Want To Try Being A Plotter . . . Maybe?

  • Make it More Inciting

  • Hacking Your Way Through Your Novel

  • The First 5 Pages

  • Drive Your Plot with Strong Characters (and your characters with a strong plot!)

  • Flow 101: How to Play When We Write

Image by Sergey Shmidt


  • Using Imagery to Your Story's Advantage

  • YOUR Voice is Magic

  • How to Liposuction Your Prose

  • Finding Your Voice

  • Setting Your Story Up for Success by Nailing Your Descriptions

  • Using Vivid Description

  • Writing Emotion

  • A Story Within You

  • Let's Talk about Dialogue

  • Dialogue: You know that thing you said that you will regret until you die?

  • Dialogue that Speaks

Image by Keiteu Ko

Genre Fiction

  • Using Folklore and Personal Stories to Influence Our Writing

  • Why Romance?

  • The Art of the Re-Telling

  • Remixing the Past: Using ancient history and mythology in the modern-day

  • How To Write Comedy or Die Trying

  • Behind Bars: A Glimpse Into the Fascinating World of Prison Life

  • The Heart of the Matter: Romantic Tension Workshop

  • How to Write a Killer Fight Scene

  • Rewriting Fairytales

Face Scuplture

Character Development

  • Creating Characters that Resonate with Readers

  • Character Development, Growth, and Change

  • Maximizing Character Agency: Balancing Conflict and Choices

  • The Psychology of What Your Characters Want

  • Compelling Character Motivation from Story, to Scene, to Sentence

  • Creating Villains We Love to Hate

  • Creating Conflict With Your Heroes and Villains D&D

  • Be Your Character's Therapist

  • Getting To The Heart Of Your Characters

Image by Álvaro Serrano


  • How to Publish Your Poetry

  • Writing For Graphic Novels

  • Screenwriting

  • Writing for Radio, TV, and Film

  • Everybody Talks: Writer Toolbox FBI Interrogations & Journalist Interview Techniques

  • The Evolution of Storytelling and Technology

  • Starving Artists Find Food

  • Watching Movies to Be A Better Writer

Image by Thought Catalog

Writing Process

  • Why Every Story is a Road trip

  • Great Writers Are Great Rewriters: What It Takes to Revise a Novel to Greatness

  • Revision Hacks for Fresh Eyes

  • Writer’s Block

  • Day in the Life of a Writer

  • A Writer is Born . . . and Reborn

  • How to Fail at Writing: And other lessons you didn't know you needed

World Building

  • How to Improve Your Writing with Concepts Learned from Video Games

  • Worldbuilding: Not Just for Fantasy!

  • World Building

  • Somewhere Only You Know

  • The Magic’s In the Details

  • World Building Panel

Image by Florian Klauer

Publishing Industry

  • But I Want To Be Published NOW

  • How to Fail at Writing: And other lessons you didn't know you needed

  • Finding Your Inner Superhero: Dreaming big, persevering, and what it truly means to be brave.

  • How to Make Lots of Money as a Storyteller in the Business World

  • Finding Your Work/Life Balance



  • Raising the Stakes: How to Keep Readers Hooked on a Series

  • 10 Things Writers Should Know- Keynote Address

  • How to Write a Novel with a Friend

  • The Flow of Writing

  • How to Build and Maintain Tension in Your Story

  • Fantastic Ideas and Where to Find Them

  • More to Win and More to Lose: Raising the Stakes

  • Pacing and Tension

  • Introverts Unite! Collecting Companions for your Quest

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